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> Condensate pump
  Wall mounted pump
  Mini pump
  DC Series mini pump
  Tank pump
  Supermarket pump
> Oil charging pump
  Manual type
  Foot stand type
  Electric oil charging pump
> A/C cleaning pump
> Vacuum pump
  Mini vacuum pump
  Single stage series
  Dual stage series
  New refrigerants singel stage vacuum pump
  New refrigerants dual stage vacuum pump
  DC series
> Recovery unit
  Single piston recovery unit
  Two piston recovery unit
> Instruments for HVAC
  Infrared thermometer
  Digital AC/DC autoranging clamp Meter
  Sound level meter
  Mini anemometer
  Humidity and temperature meter
Company Profile

Wipcool has a consolidated experience of job in the fields of air conditioning and refrigeration.

Wipcool pays more attention to the markets suppling products of durablity and reliability.A completely range products has condensate removal pumps,oil charing pump and A.C cleaning pump that satisfy all the demands in this fields.And provide our design and manufactorying expertise to quickly develop a customer product to fit your specific application

We have more than 10pcs Chinese patents while more research input every year.Every pump we make is designed to give y ou all the features you need.We're determined to make the worldwide ideal pumps for cooling

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